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Batting Partnerships

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165 Andrew Harding - Brendan Votano Corrimal Cricket Club4th Grade6 1 Northern Districts White
2123 Akima Opeta - Rua Rupena Corrimal Cricket Club3rd Grade3 1 Dapto
375 Thomas McDevitt - Aaron McElhinney Corrimal Cricket Club1st Grade6 1 Keira
4101 Repa Nio - Pakere Tiere Corrimal Cricket Club3rd Grade5 1 Keira
553 Patrick Everett - Sam Bunt Corrimal Cricket Club2nd Grade1 1 Wests Illawarra
553 Zac Harding - Kai Middleton Corrimal Cricket Club2nd Grade4 1 Dapto
655 Nathan Trebel - Alexander Osborne Corrimal Cricket Club1st Grade5 1 Helensburgh
751 Joe Opo - David Nawauwi Corrimal Cricket Club3rd Grade4 1 Wollongong White
846 Mitchell Jones - Kyle Trebel Corrimal Cricket Club1st Grade3 1 Wollongong
947 Carl Bighetti - Alexander Osborne Corrimal Cricket Club1st Grade4 1 Dapto
1030 Alexander Osborne - Lewis Smith Corrimal Cricket Club1st Grade7 1 Northern Districts

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